Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Catholic Audio

Many times we don't have time to read. We have to go to work, to pick up our kids from school, we have a doctor's appointment, and many other things that take time away from us. That's why today's post is dedicated to giving you websites where you can download free audio downloads for almost any topic regarding Catholicism. If you are trying to explain your faith to someone, but might not know much about the topic, or if you just want prayers to hear on the go, then the chances are that there is an audio for that.

There are many audio files available for those trying to understand the Catholic faith better, or for helping other people understand the faith better.

Bible Christian Society
Fulton Sheen
Contraception Debate

Catholic Audio books
These are some free Catholic audio books that are available. These audio books are made by knowledgeable  Catholic authors.

Search and Rescue
Pope Fiction
The Lamb's supper
Our Father's Plan

General Audio
These audio files are for simple Catholic prayers, talks, and general Catholicism.
Sonitus Sanctus
Salvation History
Peter Kreeft
Ewtn Multimedia



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