Thursday, December 6, 2012

Woman writes against abortion

Living in the society of death, where the right to have an abortion has been added to the civil rights movement. A time where many people have felt that it is not the lives of others that matter, but rather that of their own. That is the selfishness we find in today's world. This is the result of feeling that kids are a burden to our success, rather than a blessing from God.

Yet some people have graciously still seen the wrong in abortion. This story starts with a woman named Abby Johnson. She is one that although born into a conservative family in Texas and, a Christian upbringing, had worked in planned parenthood after seeing a booth at a college fair. She started out volunteering, and letter got promoted to community service director, welcoming clients to the operation room. She worked for planned parent hood for 8 years. She later saw an operation via an ultrasound, which reminded her of the abortion of her own daughter. Abby says that she saw the baby squirming and turning, as to avoid what was happening. Abby did not think that the baby would feel a thing.

Abby has later joined the Pro-Life movement and has authored a best selling book Unplanned. In this book Abby describes her story from both sides of the abortion clinic. She discourses life and death scenarios, courtroom battles, as well as her transformation from pro-choice to pro-life.

This is a must read for anyone who treasures the sanctity of life. This is a book I plan on getting home for Christmas as well.


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