Sunday, February 3, 2013

Carrying Our Cross This Lenten Season

This Lent we are called to practice the three penitential exercises of praying, fasting, and almsgiving.This is something that has been called the Swiss army knife of the soul. By praying we have an intimate relationship with Jesus. We also fast which opens up time doing other things like prayer, as well as free up money that can be given to the less fortunate. It is also a form of mortification which disciplines the soul. These three exercises work with each other.
This Lent season I urge ourselves to extend our penance by carrying our cross. After all Jesus himself did die during this season in Good Friday, why not help him carry his cross by carrying our own?

We all have headaches, we all have annoying clients that don't seem to leave us alone at work. We all simply have inconvenient days that might be a combination of all these things. Some of our crosses are light like a small headache; others are quite bigger like suffering from scrupulosity like I do. Yet we all have them. The point is for us to offer them up and carry them.

Saint Therese of Liseux is a great example of this. She often carried her crosses by making small sacrifices throughout the day. She thanked people when she was offered food that she didn't really like, she took the blame when it was the fault of another sister, she smiled at people that she didn't really get along with. What better example of penance and sacrifice than Saint Therese.


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