Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saints that have influenced me: Therese of Lisieux

This is the second article of certain saints that have influenced my life

There has not been another saint that has made me see simplicity and the art of sacrifice than Therese of Lisieux. She not only taught me humility, but the simplicity in her daily and humble sacrifices and offerings to God. Trusting in God that he would not give us something that we could not handle. Therese has been a big influence in my life.


Therese of Lisieux was born January 2, 1873. Born to devout Catholics, They set good Christian characteristics. Her mom died when she was small, and was raised mostly by her Dad.
Saint Therese of Lisieux was often sick and suffered various tremors. She also suffered from what is known as Scruples. Throughout these, Therese of Lisieux was greatly influenced by " The Imitation of Christ". Because of her scrupulosity Therese often thought that someone was criticizing her or didn't appreciate her. She burst into tears, and cried because she had cried.

As a sufferer of scruples myself, Therese has inspired me by knowing that God leads you everyday of your life. Everything that happens to us can be offered up to God. Instead of getting frustrated by these things, we should find joy in being able to offer to God our good and our bad.

The little way

Therese knew that it was on her littleness that she must learn to ask God's help. The limits of Therese became grounds for joy, more than discouragement. Therese wanted to do great deeds but because of being a Carmelite, this was not allowed.  Therese picked flowers as a sign of love, and made a lot of sacrifices, no matter how small. Some of the sacrifices and offerings that she made were that she smiled at the sisters she didn't like, and she ate everything without complaining. These small sacrifices were often harder than bigger once. succeed. Once she was accused of breaking a vase, instead of arguing she apologized although not at fault.

Most days it is the small sacrifices that are the hardest to make. It is offering our headaches, being stuck in traffic, it means smiling at annoying clients, and not complaining for food we don't like.I learned humility, littleness, and sacrificing from Therese of Lisieux.


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